Easy Recipes for a Whole30 Diet

Easy Recipes for a Whole30 Diet

A Whole30 is a 30-day diet that emphasizes the elimination of all alcohol, sugar, grains, soy, legumes, and dairy products from the diet. The Whole30 is similar to but more restrictive than the Paleo diet as it avoids natural sweeteners like honey as well. The diet also excludes all potential inflammatory drinks from the three clean meals for the day.

Some of the benefits of following the Whole30 diet are healthy skin, improved energy levels, better sleep, and an ability to control cravings. Here are some easy recipes that you can try when on the Whole30 diet:

1. Sweet potato toast with guacamole
The recipe consists of the spicy crispy sweet potato dipped in guacamole and can be eaten as a snack or a meal, according to your preference. You can also serve it to guests who prefer foods from the Whole30 diet.

2. Classic Whole30 devilled eggs
You can make the traditional deviled eggs while swapping certain ingredients for avocado oil, mayonnaise, and fresh herbs. You can also use apple cider vinegar in the dish.

3. Low-carb thyme and zucchini fritters
This Whole30 diet recipe uses zucchini shreds battered with almond flour, which are fried until crisp in clarified butter or ghee, which is the only dairy product allowed when on this diet. This dish pairs well with avocado, eggs, or smoked salmon.

4. Coconut curry chicken meatballs
If you are craving some spice, this dish is filled with ingredients like red chili flakes and red curry, which is mixed into the meatball and is combined with creamy coconut milk sauce as a topping. You can make this recipe using fresh spices, raw almond butter, and pastured chicken.

5. Easy sushi sandwich wraps
You can simply use leftover cooked meals from the previous night’s dinner and wrap them in nori sheets. Pair them with avocado slices, and your Whole30 diet meal will be ready in minutes.

6. Paleo sweet potato gratin
While most recipes of potato gratin use milk and flour to create consistency, you can also make it a Whole30 diet recipe by using dairy-free ingredients. You can make the sauce using cauliflower and coconut cream and add spices to bring about the desired flavor.

7. Keto green beans with crispy bacon and herbs
This is a flavor-packed and low-carb Whole30 recipe made with green beans, fresh herbs, and pastured bacon. It also uses almond butter for the savory flavor.

8. Zucchini noodles with pesto and fried eggs
This dish consists of dairy-free pesto topped with fried egg and zoodles that are just as tasty as real spaghetti with none of the gluten and just a fraction of the carbs.

9. Slow cooker ratatouille soup
This dish can be the one-stop stew as it comes with eight different veggies and the recommended amounts of vitamins and fiber. This Whole30 meal is cooked in fruity olive oil and its juices, and it can be made in large batches to be stored and consumed for days after.