Top 5 pet insurance companies

Top 5 pet insurance companies

Top 5 Pet Insurance Companies

Pets are considered to be part of the family. You may find that the cost of various immunizations, vet visits, spaying, neutering can add up and become expensive. That’s why it makes sense to sign up for pet insurance as it can enable you to take better care of your pet without the financial hassel. You can offset the costs of pet care and maintenance with a good pet insurance package.

Here are some of the top-ranked pet insurance companies:

1. Pet Assure
Pet Assure was first established in 1995 and has been growing since then. It currently offers a 25% discount on all pet-related medical costs from regular wellness visits to emergency ones. The great thing about Pet Assure is that its veterinary discount plan covers all pets, from dogs to cats. There are no exclusions when it comes to the services offered. With Pet Assure, you should be able to mitigate the cost of pet care and maintenance.

2. Nationwide
Nationwide is one of the largest insurers in the market, and today it is also one of the largest pet insurance companies. The insurance package offered covers all pets and incidentally, Nationwide also happens to be one of the few that offer specialized insurance packages for pet birds. Currently, under its plan, you are not restricted to taking your pet to an in-house veterinarian. You can take your pet to any vet and submit claims for the same, later on.

When it comes to comprehensive pet insurance, FIGO offers one of the best. It currently covers both cats and dogs. Life treatments are not deductible and once you enroll in the program, you may have to wait for your pet insurance to kick in. Once you enroll in the program you will have to wait 5 days for an accident or 14 days for illness before you can claim the same.

4. Healthy Paws
Healthy Paws are yet another pet insurance company that you may want to consider. Currently, they offer coverage for both cats and dogs. You can enroll in the program and visit any vet rather than limit yourself to in-house vets. The only requirement is that the vet you consult must hold a valid license that entitles him/her to practice in the country. This package covers all accidents and illnesses; there is no upper cap. You can then file an invoice and it should be paid within seven to ten days.

5. Embrace
The great thing about Embrace pet care is that the overall costs are quite attractive. It comes with all the basic features and more. The company provides both cats and dogs with pet insurance. This coverage includes all medical expenses, X-rays, vet visits, hospitalizations, and more. Embrace provides you with comprehensive pet insurance coverage and one that should enable you to take better care of your pet.