About Us is just that, a premiere online destination to keep women updated on timely health, wellness, and lifestyle trends and information. Our editorial staff of writers are women just like you, who believe in the importance of proactiveness, self-care, and working on bettering ourselves, for ourselves. 

We know that much of that self-improvement happens gradually, because come on, we’re all busy and we’re all just human after all. We also believe that making self-care a priority by keeping informed on health trends, nourishing recipes and meal ideas, natural living inspiration, and (probably the most important) self acceptance, will help us live healthier, happier lives in the long run. 

So is for the young woman who’s learning to cook for herself in her very first apartment; the woman reading her bachelorette pad to bring home her first pet; the woman going through hormonal changes and seeking new skincare tips; the woman in career transition and shopping for new clothes and tech to fit her new role; and the woman facing an unexpected health diagnosis. has got you!

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