Types of Mascaras for Dramatic Looks

Types of Mascaras for Dramatic Looks

You may find this a tad hard to believe, but mascara has been in vogue since 5000 BCE, with most of ancient Egypt donning eye makeup daily. The earliest evidence of this points to the fact that mascara was considered to be part of essential wear. Today, mascara is still widely used to accentuate the eyes, giving a dramatic look, that’s bound to make heads turn.

Just check out the various types of mascaras that are currently available:

1. Fragrance-free
When it comes to going for a dramatic look, you may want to avoid fragrance rich mascaras. The issue is that mascaras loaded with one fragrance or the other, tend to irritate the eyes and thereby cause them to water. Then, of course, your mascara is going to get smudged this can spoil the overall look. That’s why you may want to go for fragrance-free mascaras.

2. Waterproof mascaras
You may also want to avoid waterproof mascaras until it is necessary. The issue is that these mascaras tend to stay on longer and end up damaging the eyelashes as well. So use it only when it is required,

3. Balanced brushes with perfect bristles
When you are selecting mascaras, you may want to go for those that come with perfectly designed brushes. Essentially, you need mascaras that allow you to volumize and lengthen with ease. Choosing a product that allows you to do both would be perfect, as it can enable you to build that dramatic look, one that is bound to make an impact. You want brushes that allow you to sculpt your look with ease.

4. Long-lasting
This is a little harder since you would have to use a trial and error method to sort through the various types of mascaras that are currently available. Granted that some of the products tend to carry expensive price tags but that’s no guarantee that they would last the whole day. You need to test out various mascara products and choose one that lasts or remains intact the whole day and in the process, get better value for your money.

5. Roller lash curling mascara
You may also want to check out some of the top end roller lash curling mascaras. They can be quite good and may even be just what you need to make your eyes pop. There are more than a few branded products so you may want to go by general recommendation or try them all out one at a time until you find the perfect mascara for you.

6. Eye makeup remover
Even though this might not be a mascara it is essential in your eye makeup kit. You may also want to invest in a good eye make-up remover, as you must remove the mascara and other makeup products from your face before you head to bed. A good quality eye-makeup remover is essential and one that you require to better protect your eyes and your lashes as well.